Heat Retention Products For Those Cold Winter Days

With just one month left of autumn, we can finally state that winter, is in fact, finally coming. It’s time once again to pull out the heavy blankets and dust off those heaters, but did you know that your window treatments can play a role in keeping your home warm this winter?

Windows play a large part in retaining heat in your home. Warm air rises and rushes towards unprotected glass, expelling ten times the amount of heat that a wall does. It’s simple energy in, energy out. If the loss of heat is greater than the output, your heating bills will skyrocket. By drawing your curtains and blinds, a home can reduce the loss of heat by 10%, simply by blocking the path of the escaping air. If situated closer to the window, with a length longer then the frame and enough material to allow overlapping of the centre part, a further 25% of a room’s heat can be maintained. Whilst it may not seem significant at first, that’s effectively 25% off your electrical and/or gas bill. Of course, the heavier the drape, the less likely you are to feel the cold. Well installed floor length, double lined curtains with the addition of a pelmet are not only stylish, but a further barrier to stop the heat from escaping, taking your grand total of heat retention to 40-60%. Adding outdoor shutters or blinds not only protects your home from intruders and harsh rain, but adds an additional layer of insulation to your home. The further reduction of leaking air assists in the maintaining of temperature.

In the summer months, you’ll find that the same can be said for keeping your home cool. Simply by shutting out the sun, you shut out the heat. If you’re feeling the nip of winter already, it’s not too late to contact us for a free measure and quote.