What are the best blackout blinds?

If light control and privacy are a major priority for you then finding the best blackout blinds should be at the top of your to-do list. Protection from the sun and curious onlookers are both important functions that many people are looking for in their window coverings. That’s why you’ll find many window cover options available in a wide range of different blockout fabric options.

The best blockout blinds for your home will do much more than simply block out the light, they will also protect the interior of your home from harmful UV radiation, which can help to prevent fading. Additionally, the best light block blinds will also reduce heat transfer and better insulate your home.

So, what are the best blackout blinds and which option should you choose?

Cellular blinds

Cellular blinds are some of the best blinds to keep light out. They’re a popular option for bedrooms and living room spaces because they’re also a very effective insulator, capable of reducing heat transfer by up to 80% and dramatically reducing your energy bill. They’re available in a wide variety of fabrics, ranging from sheer to block out and feature a modern design made up of honeycomb-like cells. The cellular design traps air from moving in and out of your home which provides the insulation benefits that they are known for. Cellular blinds can be operated with a standard cord and cleat system, mono control looped cord, cordless or through a motorised control system. They are a great solution for homes with small children and pets, plus they’re lightweight and can be customised to suit almost any window.

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are one of the most popular window treatments in Australia. You’ll no doubt have seen them on many windows throughout your life. They’re so versatile that they work in practically any room of the house. They’re available in a wide range of fabrics and colours, and are an extremely unobtrusive option when fitted flush to your windows. When paired with a block out fabric and installed on the face of the wall, they become one of the best window treatment options for minimising light whilst maximising privacy. Roller blinds give a great deal of control of the amount of light filtering into a room and there are a variety of options available for operating them, including chain control and motorised control. To prevent any light from entering a room it’s generally worth noting that there is usually a gap around the edges of a roller blind when installing into the recess of your window and so if you’re opting for a blockout fabric you will want to measure at least an extra 30mm either side of your window.

Roman blinds

Roman blinds are another stylish window treatment option that can be paired with blockout fabrics for maximum light control and privacy. Roman blinds fold up on your window, neatly stacking at the top when not in use. They come in many different fabrics and styles, and are very light and unobtrusive making them ideal for a range of window sizes. If you want to get the best from your blockout blinds, we’d suggest mounting them outside of your window frame. Mounting your roman blinds inside the frame could allow some light to escape, whilst mounting them outside will give fuller coverage and will ensure that your room stays dark when they’re down.


If you prefer the look of curtains, then good news! They’re also available in blockout fabrics. Curtains can be an excellent option for controlling the light and privacy in a room throughout the day. They come in a variety of styles and fit in well with everything from classic, country style to sleek, modern interiors.

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