Which Curtains Are Best For Me?

Curtains have long been a staple of many interior designs, but in many occasions they are not granted the attention due. Whilst one-size fits all options from stores such as Kmart and Bunnings are all well and good for temporary measures, they lack the finesse and style to truly feature as a stand-alone design element. Drawn or open, curtains are a focal point of a room; they frame the window in much the same way that your haircut frames your face. Colour, texture, length, weight, styling, any decorator will tell you that these components require thought and research.

Fabric and colour

Just like the clothes you wear, our curtains come in a range of fabrics, each with its own unique texture, appearance and general use. Were you hoping for a light and bright material to shield some UV rays, but maintain brightness? Or are you aiming to create a warm and lightproof area in which to enjoy a home theatre experience? The weight and colour of the fabric play a large role in the atmosphere created. Some fabrics are even adapt are keeping out the cold. Many hotels, for instance, utilise velvet, suede or tweed as their fabric of choice because they trap the heat and are surprisingly easy to clean. For formal settings, heavier fabrics such as velvet or heavy silk add a touch of class and luxury, whilst billowy linen is more suited to a laid back location.

The pattern is another element to be considered. Whilst cute prints may add some charm to child’s playroom, they’re not likely to match well with your kitchen counters.  The general suggestion is that, if you have patterned furniture, choose a block colour so as to not overwhelm the space. Small neutral patterns, such as dots or paisley, can create a sense of texture without being overpowering. You’ll also need to consider how much of a design fixture you want your curtains to be. If you would prefer them to blend into the room, a similar colour to the wall will be required, but if you wish for them to pop, a bold colour will draw attention.


Whilst curtains are often hung just above the frame, hanging them higher can create a more dramatic look and even add the illusion of height to the room. Hanging wider than the frame adds grandeur and allows the full use of the window when the curtains are pulled to the side. The length is just as important as the placement of the hanging rail. Long curtains are more likely to gather dust and entice children and pets to climb, but they can also appear elegant, refined and add some class to a space. Shorter curtains are far more practical and certainly suit many areas of the home. The current trend is to have the curtain pooling on the floor.


Yes, you’re curtains do need to be cleaned. Over time they are also likely to fade. It’s not something many think of when purchasing, but you’ll be kicking yourself later if you ruin those expensive dry clean only drapes.


Let’s not forget the rail or rod. The heading of the curtain can help define the overall look. Wrought iron is a classic element that adds style and sophistication, but why bother with that if the curtain’s material is hung so as to hide the entire rod? Then there’s the drape. A basic heading with hooks is traditional and easy to use, whilst a rod-pocket heading is more suitable for a curtain not likely to be drawn. Pleated headings appear more formal and tab-top headings are far more casual and considered a more feminine and romantic drape.

In the end, it all comes down to function. Homes with young children often require different window treatments than a bachelor’s pad. With so many choices out there though, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. That’s where our specialised team comes in. Upon visiting one of our showrooms and exclaiming your intention to purchase curtains, our expert sales staff will take you through the design and quote process. Or we can come to you. The benefits of high-quality curtains are imperative, from controlling the level of light in a room, to enhancing the rooms overall finish. With a range of options such as motorisation or enhanced child safety, The Blinds Gallery has Perth covered. Make an enquiry online and we’ll discount your quote by 5%.